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Solnichniy viewed from the south.

Solnichniy (Cyrillic: Солнечный) is a coastal town in Chernarus that is south-east of Orlovets, south of Nizhnoye and north of Tulga. It is located at grid coordinates 133 091.

The town of Solnichniy has several Residential and Industrial loot spawns, two Fuel Tanks, a Water Pump and a V3S Civilian truck spawn. There is a gas station just to the north that has a Fuel Tank and a S1203 Van spawn.

The factory just to the north of the town has a few Residential, and several Industrial and Farm loot spawns, as well as two Fuel Tanks.

There are five Fuel Tanks just to the west of the town, and some more Residential and Industrial spawns.

Solnichniy has a small harbor, but no boat spawns. There is a small mast to the south-west of the quarry between the town and Three Valleys.

The main coastal highway of Chernarus and a rail line pass through the town heading north to Nizhnoye, and south then west to Kamyshovo. The main road heads west out of town eventually transitioning into a road that heads west into Dolina.

Places of interestEdit

  • The quarry at the south-western part of the town has a Fuel Tank and a V3S Civilian truck spawn.
  • A Water Pump at the north-western corner of the town.
  • Several Fuel Tanks and Industrial loot spawns along the main road to the west.
  • Fuel Tank and S1302 Van at the gas station to the north.
  • Several medium and high yield Industrial and Farm loot spawns at the factory to the north.


  • The Russian to English translation of Солнечный is 'sunny'.

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