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Symptoms The blood drip on the HUD will flash with a white cross. The player will 'Spurt' blood out of them which can be seen by other survivors and by the player themselves in third person. The color will slowly fade from the screen based on the amount of blood the player has remaining.
Causes Bleeding can occur when:
  • Being hit by zombies
  • Being eaten by zombies
  • Falling
  • Getting shot
  • Getting hit by an explosive
Treatment This condition is cured with a bandage. A bandage can be used on yourself or on other players using the action menu. It is recommended that you have at least two bandages in your inventory at all times.

Bleeding will occasionally stop on its own.


Symptoms If the player logs out with this status, the next time they log in they will spend a long period unconscious. It is marked by a White symbol on the HUD
Causes Shock is the status effect a player will receive after being shot at by another player or damaging themselves somehow.
Treatment This status will last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and is only curable with an Epi-pen.


Symptoms Pain is accompanied by very slow camera shakes in random intervals, causing the player to be "dizzy" which makes aiming weapons very difficult in first person view.
Causes Pain is caused when the player takes damage, it has a chance to proc on any type of damage including falling, Zombie hits, or gun shot wounds.
Treatment Pain is cured by painkillers.

Broken bonesEdit

Symptoms How to see if you have Broken Bones:
  • The player will lie prone, he will be able to stand, crouch and even vault, but will fall if attempting to move
  • The player will still be able to operate vehicles with no difficulty
  • The player will have a white broken bone icon displayed on the hud
Causes Causes of Broken Bones:
  • Attacked by a melee weapon
  • Attacked by Zombies (after 3-4 hits while already bleeding)
  • Being shot in the leg
  • Being hit by a thrown item
  • Falling
  • Hit by a vehicle (usually death right after)
  • Jumping over a deployed wire fencing kit
  • Zombies on rare occasions.
  • Proning close to a wall and moving around too much
  • Being hit by an opening gate
  • Closing an outhouse door whilst inside.
  • Crawling over a pallet (accompanied by bleeding)
  • Proning into a tent
  • On occasion even walking off small edges, stairs and so on can break your bones
  • Proning down the stairs
Treatment To fix broken bones a morphine auto-injector must be used
  • Broken bones can come any time and as a result it is advised that the player always has a morphine auto-injector in their invenotory


Symptoms Character will have an hourglass in the middle of their screen and all colors will fade (white and black, blurry) , along with inability to chat, move, etc. (game controls disabled)
Causes Causes of being Unconscious:
  • A very large amount of lethal damage. (most rifles, sniper rifles, and high military-graded weapons)
  • Dropping below 3000 blood will cause the player to drift in and out of consciousness (there is a 1 in 100 chance for this, and it is rolled once every second in the game).
  • Logging in with the Shock condition.
  • Being hit by a zombie with less than 9000 blood.
  • Currently a bug in the game: being unconsciousness after login without being unconscious before relogging/exiting the game.
Treatment An epi-pen will fix this condition instantly, however if the player has low blood they may head straight back into unconsciousness. It is therefore advised to bandage and fix all other conditions before the player is injected with the epi-Pen. Remember that an epi-Pen has to be used by another survivor to give yourself consciousness.

Infection and sepsisEdit

Symptoms New sepsis feature in update 1.8.

Stage 1: For the first 15 minutes the player will have a warning blood icon to show infection.
Stage 2: 15 to 22.5 minutes the player loses one blood per second.
Stage 3: 22.5 to 30 minutes the player loses two blood per second.
After 30 minutes or on disconnection the player becomes full infected. They can transmit the infection to others, lose three blood per second and their screen will shake.

Infection is also accompanied by a flickering radial blur that doesn't affect the center of the screen along with coughing.

Causes Causes of Infection:
  • Chance of getting it from a zombie bite, particularly while bleeding. High chance from 'viral' zombie attacks.
  • Random chance when temperature drops below 36 degrees Celsius or when the temperature icon is flashing.
  • Spending time near by players who are fully infected.
Treatment Treatment for Infection:
  • Sepsis can be cured by using wipes or a sepsis bandage.
  • Using antibiotics will cure full infection, however they are a rare spawn.
  • Rest at tent - Resting at the player's own tent has a 1% chance to cure infection (can be done once every five minutes).
  • Crafting a herbal drink may cure infection at a 50% chance.


Symptoms Character will shake from coldness, but not as shaky as Pain.

Being cold is also associated with shivering.

Causes Causes of Cold:
  • Temperature below 36 or the temperature icon is flashing
Treatment Treatments for a cold:
  • Being near a fireplace made using a box of matches and a wood pile, or a lit oil barrel.
  • Running/sprinting will prevent temperature from dropping further. It will also warm the player up quicker than walking, as long as they are not in rain or water.
  • Applying a heatpack.
  • Shelter must be found inside buildings or vehicles.

Any one will work - the player does not have to do all the above to relieve their cold.