Supermarket-1-Outside DayZ-Wiki
A Supermarket in Berezino.
Zombie chance: 30%
Zombie count: 2 - 6
Loot chance: 40%
Loot spawns: 23 - 24

A Supermarket is a building that spawns food and other civilian loot in DayZ.

Supermarkets can be found all around Chernarus in large towns and cities, such as Zelenogorsk and Chernogorsk. There are two types of Supermarkets; ones with a porch at the entrance and rear of the building and those without. The latter has one extra loot spawn than the former. [1]

Supermarkets often contain a large amount of canned food, soda cans and other consumables. backpacks, equipment like road flares and chemlights, low-tier ammunition and low-tier weapons can also be found inside Supermarkets.[1]

Tools like maps, compasses, watches and boxes of matches have a high chance of spawning in Supermarkets. Some types of medical supplies like painkillers and bandages may also spawn inside.[1]

Locations with SupermarketsEdit

Below is a list of cities and towns with a Supermarket.[1]

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