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The player's body temperature determines how easy it is to get an infection. If very low the player will receive the status effect cold.

Common temperature while day + running is 42°C (yes, so high, but still normal), while night is 35°C.

NOTE: In the player's temperature does not appear on the debug menu in game; temperature has to be monitored using the status icon in the lower right-hand corner of the HUD.

Body temperature will increase by:

  • Moving (very slow, faster movement speed will neutralise loss)
  • Remaining near a Fireplace (very fast)
  • Using a Heat Pack (Instant)
  • Remaining inside buildings (slow)
  • Staying in the sunshine (slow - moderate based on time of day)
  • Sitting in Vehicles - Slow/moderate

Body temperature will decrease when:

  • Outdoors at night (slow)
  • Outdoors in a rain storm (fast)
  • Outdoors in a windy environment (slow)
  • Immersed in water (Very fast)

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