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Tulga viewed from the west.

Tulga (Cyrillic: Тулга) is a small inland village close to the coast of Chernarus that is north-east of Kamyshovo, south of Solnichniy and far south-east of Msta. It is located at grid coordinates 128 109.

The small village of Tulga has several low yield Residential and Industrial loot spawns, and a Skoda car spawn.

A road heads west out of the village then north, winding through the terrain reaching Three Valleys then the main highway along the coast of Chernarus. A dirt road heads west out the village heading towards Rog Castle, and splits south to Kamyshovo half way between Rog and Tulga.

Places of interestEdit

  • A Skoda car spawn on the north side of the village at grid coordinates 128 108.
  • A Deer Stand to the far north of the village near Three Valleys at grid coordinates 127 102.

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