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The UAZ in DayZ.
Seats: 7
Item Slots: 50
Weapon Slots: 10
Backpack Slots: 7
Top Speed On-road: 83 km/h
Top Speed Off-road: 48 km/h
Tank Capacity: 100 Liters
Armament: None
Rarity: 2-3 per server

The UAZ is a Russian, four-door military off-road vehicle in DayZ.

The UAZ has a maximum on-road speed of 83 kilometers per hour and a maximum off-road speed of 48 kilometers per hour.

Its fuel tank capacity is 100 liters - equal to five Jerry Can (20L)s or twenty Fuelcan (5L)s.

The UAZ has a seating capacity of seven players, and has space for fifty items, ten weapons and seven backpacks.

The UAZ lacks any armament.

The UAZ has seven spawn locations in Chernarus. These are:

  • Krasnostav airstrip at grid coordinates 121 026
  • Black Lake south of Olsha at grid coordinates 132 031
  • Altar (Hill) at grid coordinates 081 059
  • Chernogorsk at grid coordinates 068 128
  • Stary Sobor near the Military tents at grid coordinates 062 074
  • Balota airstrip at grid coordinates 048 127
  • Green Mountain at grid coordinates 036 093

Note: Only two to three may spawn per server.

There are two variants of the UAZ in DayZ; each is distinguished by its green or red color scheme. The military variant is green and the civilian variant is red.

Real lifeEdit

The UAZ is the UAZ-469 manufactured by UAZ. It is an all-terrain vehicle that was used by Soviet and other Warsaw Pact forces.


Engine start
Engine idle
Engine stop


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