As a direct result of escalating destruction spilling over into this wiki from elsewhere, the general civility of this site has, over time, suffered an intolerable deterioration. This is a factual wiki, and any instances of destruction will not be tolerated. The situation has led to me declaring a zero tolerance policy to avoid this type of problem in the future. The vast majority of situations involved players of DayZ continuously destroying this wiki. In order to prevent a recurrence of this , I am hereby instituting a ban against any all topics related to any destruction of this wiki. In addition, some users will be indefinitely banned due to having a history of destruction. Users who complain, or cause drama in any way over this, will receive shorter bans. The reason for this policy is the repetitive nature of the destruction in question, as well as the continued inability of the players to improve on the issue. This policy is indefinite until the players have clearly demonstrated the basic knowledge of not destroying this helpful site. Users are still, of course, free to edit here, since it is only a small minority of players who have been creating problems. This is not intended as an act of retaliation, but is instead an extreme measure taken against an ongoing problem that we have unsuccessfully tried to remedy by other means.

LT_COUCH Talk 22:56, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

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