Vybor - Aerial - Facing-West

Vybor viewed from the east.

Vybor (Cyrillic: Выбор) is an inland town in Chernarus that is south-east of Lopatino, south of the Northwest Airfield, west of Kabanino and north-east of Pustoshka. Vybor is located at grid coordinates 038 064.

Vybor has many Residential loot spawns, including one high yield and two medium yield loot spawns. There are also a few Industrial spawns and a couple of Farm spawns in and around the town. Two low yield Military loot spawns are near Residential buildings.

There is a Supermarket and a school just to the north of the main intersection. A Tractor spawn is just to the north of the above. A gas station with two Fuel Tanks is to the western side of the town. A Bus spawn and Water Pump is to the south of the main intersection and another Water Pump behind some buildings near the intersection.

There is several Residential and Industrial loot spawns to the east of Vybor near the smoke stack. There is some Industrial buildings and a Fuel Tank to the south of the town along the road before the bridge. A barn is to the north-east of the town.

The main road that passes through Vybor heads north-west to Lopatino, east and then splits north to the airfield, east at the split to Kabanino and south to Pustoshka.

Places of interestEdit

  • Two Water Pumps behind buildings at the main intersection; one to the south-west, one to the north-east.
  • A Supermarket and school just north of the intersection.
  • Several Fuel Tanks at the west side of the town, one to the south just before the bridge and pond, and two more at the smoke stack at the east side of the town.
  • A Farm loot spawn to the north-west.

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