Water Bottle (Boiled)
Water Bottle
The Water Bottle (Boiled) in DayZ
Slot: Main inventory

The Water Bottle (Boiled) is a bottle filled with boiled water that can be drank without risk of infection, unlike the regular Water Bottle which carries a small risk of infection when water is drank from it.

Drinking from the bottle will convert it into a Water Bottle (Empty) that will require refilling, but not necessarily boiling if the player chooses not to take the extra steps.

The Water Bottle (Boiled) does not appear in any loot spawns and therefore does not have a spawn chance.

Materials needed to boil water:
Optional materials or objects (must have either):
  1. A Wood Pile, or Hatchet and Box of Matches
  2. An Oil Barrel near-by to set alight
Steps: (Assuming above materials are in the inventory)
  1. Right-click on the Box of Matches to create a Fireplace. A Wood Pile will be removed and added to the Fireplace if it is in the player's inventory.
  2. Light the Fireplace and select Boil Water from the action menu by using the scroll wheel when the cross-hairs are over the Fireplace.
  3. The Empty Tin Can or Soda Can will be used, but will remain in the inventory. The Water Bottle will be converted into a Water Bottle (Boiled).
  1. Light an Oil Barrel and continue from step 2 above.

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