Winchester 1866
Winchester 1866
The Winchester 1866 in DayZ
Magazine Size: 15
Ammo Type(s): .44 Henry
Magazine Type(s): 1866 Slug
Damage: 4500 Blood
Fire Modes: Semi
Shots to kill:
  • Head: 1
  • Body: 1
Effective Range: 150m
Rate of Fire: Low/Moderate
Recoil: Low
Noise: Low
Zeroing: No
Location(s): Residential/Civilian, Farms
Rarity: Common
Attachments: None
Variants: None

The Winchester 1866 is a level-action rifle that acts as a shotgun in DayZ.

Although in reality the Winchester 1866 is a lever-action .44 Rifle, in DayZ it is a shotgun. It allows slugs in tubular magazines of fifteen. It has a very distinctive sound and it is a popular choice among survivors.

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