Wire fencing kit
Wire Fencing Kit
A wire fencing kit found in DayZ.
Slot: Main inventory
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • To construct a barbed wire fence
Rarity: 0.65%
Location(s): Industrial
"Razor wire in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina with steel pickets to form military wire obstacles."
— In-game description

The wire fencing kit is a construction item used to layout a barbed wire fence in DayZ.

A wire fencing kit is used, in conjunction with a toolbox, to lay out a barbed wire fence to deny an area of access, like an enterable building. They can be removed using a toolbox. Zombies can move through the fence, making it only effective against other players. Interestingly, the player does not take damage from touching the fence, despite it being covered with barbs.

Wire fencing kits occupy one main inventory slot and are fairly rare. Their spawn chance is 0.65% for all industrial loot spawns.[1] The spawn chance is equal to 13 out of 2,000.

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