Zelenogorsk Aerial North-to-South DayZ-Wiki

Zelenogorsk viewed from the north.

Zelenogorsk (Cyrillic: Зеленогорск) is a large inland town in Chernarus that is far north-east of Pavlovo, south of Sosnovka, south-east of Green Mountain and north-west of Drozhino.

The large inland town of Zelenogorsk has many Residential and a few Industrial loot spawns, a church that cannot be entered, a Supermarket, a Sedan, an Bicycle spawn, a Water Pump and several Fuel Tanks.

A main road passes through the town that heads north to Sosnovka and then to Pustoshka, north-east to Pogorevka and south-west to Pavlovo. A road leads east to Drozhino and Kozlovka. Two sets of power lines travel south-east out of the town to the substation north-west of Chernogorsk and continue to the Power plant just north of Elektrozavodsk. A single power line travels north-east and ends at Berezino.

Places of interestEdit

  • A Supermarket at the south end of the town
  • A Sedan car spawns just north of the Supermarket at the end of the road
  • A Bicycle spawn at the center of the town just south of the church
  • A Church just north of the center of the town
  • A Gas Station and Fuel Tank at the north end of the town, just north of the Church
  • A Fuel Tank, medium Farm loot spawn and Water Pump at the east side of the town
  • A Fuel Tank and medium Industrial loot spawns at the west side of the town where the power lines end
  • Another Fuel Tank and medium Farm spawn at the very east of the town, at the end of the dirt track
  • A Fuel Tank to the south of the town, along the main road
  • Large Farm loot spawn to the south of the Supermarket at the end of the west turn from the road intersection
  • A Fuel Tank to the east of the town between the town and Drozhino
  • A Large and medium Farm loot spawn to the north of the town past the Gas Station and east at the road-main road intersection with a pond to the west

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